Keys of Financial Prosperity

1: Tithing The tithe is one tenth of your income. When we pay our tithes, the Lord opens to us the windows of heaven ... but this is just the beginning. 2: Offerings You must be generous by giving freewill offerings unto the Lord. This law ensures that the more you give unto the Lord, the more abundance you experience (potentially). While the tithe opens the windows of heaven to you, your offerings will activate the law of giving and receiving -- So you'll be able to receive and KEEP the blessings in your storehouse.

3: Building His Church God wants His people to participate in building for Him, both spiritually and physically. God will always bless those who join hands in building His church. You can prove this to yourself if you know of a church project going on. 4 Blessing Ministers That HE Sends There are certain ministers that God works with, period. As you come across these people, you must be discerning enough to reach out and bless them. Remember Elijah of old. And Elisha the prophet. When you look after the vessels that God uses, HE Himself will look after you. It is as simple as that. 5 Break The Curses and Covenants of Poverty Here is where many believers fall down. It is clear that so many are operating under hidden curses and covenants of poverty. As soon as you break them, and then follow up with regular tithing and offering, the LORD will surprise you! 6 Sowing And Reaping Again the Bible declares: "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest ... shall not cease" We live in a sowers /reapers universe. Without seedtime, there can not be any harvest. This is both a spiritual and a physical law. To walk in overflowing prosperity, you need to sow good seeds into the work of the Lord. Then you sow seeds into your business. After you've sown that seed, then you begin to pray in agreement with what the Bible says ... and the law of divine prosperity will be activated for you.

7 Become Skilful in Prosperity Prayers This means learning to pray specific, targeted prayers to release divine prosperity. This type of prayer is full of high praises unto the Lord, plus machine-gun prayers like this:

"I rise out of the dust of poverty by the power in the blood of Jesus" "Let spiritual magnetic power that attracts and keeps wealth be installed in my finances in the name of Jesus." "I release my finances from the influences, control and domination of household wickedness in the name of Jesus" "O Lord, let all satanic angels deflecting blessings away from me be completely paralyzed, in the name of Jesus"

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