This book is perfect for those hungry for God’s power, like the days of the God’s Generals.

You will learn a proven guide for fasting, which will 

1 Draw you closer to Jesus

2 You will be filled and empowered with the Holy Spirit to either start your ministry or be a perfect christian God want you to be.

3 You will be launched into a deeper dimensions of visions and revelation.

4 You will also begin to operate in spiritual gifts. Eg Healing the sick, prophesying, Moving in greater dimension of faith, ect.

5 You will also be renewed with strength like your youth.

6 Easy way to reducing fats.

7 Longevity of life, because wrong food kills, but fasting heals and make you stronger and keeps you moving stronger and younger.

8 Deliverance from all kind of problems.

9 Success in life.

10 You will also learn what to benefit physical and spiritual after the fasting.

11 Step by step guide to break your fasting.

12 You will have encounters you may have never had before.

Walking in Power



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